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ARTJEB, that's me. I create mixed media artwork often using bright and colorful tones across multiple layers of joyous texture and design. My creativity isn’t tied to any one specific art form or expression and I'm just as happy painting as I am editing photos, entertaining or building a mini skyscraper out of raisins. Common materials used consist of acrylic and enamel paint, silicone, epoxy resin, photographs, laser print transfers and random scraps of miscellaneous texture.


Lots of my content has personal meaning, but sometimes it’s just as simple as making me laugh or smile. My work is often inspired by things that most of us have chosen to ignore from our vision over time. Vintage concepts and elements from my personal history are also often explored and help people connect to my work, reminisce and form a closer connection with me. Overall, there is no denying my love for pop culture, the obscure and complete random.


I believe my latchkey lifestyle as a child was a key contributor in helping shape my creative thinking and acquire the skills needed to entertain myself. During my formative school years, I was highly influenced by the skateboard, punk rock and hip-hop culture that I grew up with. I studied art at Columbia College in Chicago, with a concentration in oil painting, printmaking and experimental photography. You'll often see a lot of those techniques combined in my work today. I currently live and work in Peoria, Illinois.

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